The John Sidebotham and Alan Torrens Memorial trophies

Location: See Map previously sent – An area within the Glebe, Ultimo, Camperdown boundaries

All images must be taken at a location within the red area of the map from Saturday 15th June to Saturday 13th July 2024

Set Subjects:  

1.   Movement – This is a print set subject in Colour or Monochrome

This could include Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), Multiple Exposure, Long Exposure, Slow shutter speed etc.,  

2.   Architecture – This is a print set subject in Colour or Monochrome

A building or part of, inside or outside, walkways, bridges, manmade structures etc.

3.  Choose a colour and make it the HERO of your image Digital set subject in Colour only

Pick a colour which should then stand out in your photo as the main subject

4. Tell a story Digital set subject in Colour or Monochrome

Stories without words, capture that story in your photo.

Submit Images – Submit 1 image per subject, upload by 9pm Saturday 13th July 2024.  There are no restrictions on editing, but all parts of the image must be shot in the time frame and the map location. Your photo may be looking out from the location, but you must stand within the red line on the map.

Enter your images in the Photo Rally Competition as per normal.