G’day all,

My apologise for sending this out a little later than I had hoped.

This long weekend brings about end to some of our current restrictions. However, at the moment and despite our club being less than 50 people, the Mt Colah Community Centre is still closed by Hornsby Council until at least July. As a result, we are still meeting via Zoom for at the very least June. The committee will continue to meet on a monthly basis to work out what happens next, particularly as we don’t know what Hornsby Council has planned. They are most likely waiting on advice themselves.

In the meantime, don’t forget that this month’s competition is open. You can enter up to 3 images in the different categories but no more than 2 images in any category. We found that this helped with the flow of the competition last meeting and lead to a boost of people trying their hand at monochrome images.

Our original competition plans for this month was for our photo rally to be judged. We still hope to hold the photo rally later in the year but for now our friendly, just for fun, comp for June will fill this void.

We have three categories this month instead of one: Freedom, Autumn, and Weather. You may upload one image in each category and these will be open for scoring by club members when the competition closes. We will give you more information about that later.

Finally, if you want to try your hand at astrophotography, this is the best time of year to give it a go as the galactic centre point rises in the east at a decent time of the evening. Just watch out for full moons, like we have now, as the light blocks out most of the stars.

Remember to keep learning, creating and sharing photography.

Tom Carlos (President)