G’day all,

To help us plan for future meetings we feel that we need to send out a survey.

From the thumbs up and down we asked for at the last meeting, we know July is not a popular option. So when? We have given you two choices. August and September.

Hopefully, with the pandemic playing out the way it is in NSW, things will be better in a couple of months.

Here are some things that we will need to consider with the hall hire:

  1. We will fit. We have less in our club than the maximum number, and to be honest, not all of us turn up anyway.
  2. We will need to bring our own cups for a cuppa. We will need to bring our own snack too if we want one.
  3. We will need to wipe tables and chairs after we use them. This includes toilet seats.
  4. We’ll need to wear gloves when we put up the stands and take them down.

Please bear in mind that things could change drastically and we need to change our plans again and push the date further back. However, while things are looking positive, we do want to plan on moving forward.

One last piece of advice, don’t think too long. You know the options, go with what you are feeling. We want to know what you are thinking, otherwise, we wouldn’t be sending the survey.

Please click on the link below. It should take less than a minute.


Look out for another email coming in the next couple of days for the July update.