Dear Members,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Hornsby Heights won the Interclub Competition with Pittwater on Monday evening.

We won all 3 categories:

Black & White/Monochrome Prints HHCC 132 – Pittwater 129

Colour Prints HHCC 142 – Pittwater 134

Projected Images HHCC 200 – Pittwater 198

Overall Total HHCC – 474 and Pittwater 461

Over the 26 years of the competition we have won 6 times and this win was 2 in a row for us. Thanks to all the authors of the superb photographs we entered and to our selectors for their choices.

The highest score achievable is 15 and a whopping 10 of our images scored the maximum of 15.

Marion Anstis scored 2 15’s in the colour prints and 1 in the projected images

Jakki Foley scored 2 15’s in the colour prints

Corinna Lueg scored 15 in the mono prints and 15 in the colour prints

Nil de Silva 15 in the projected images

Sonia Conn 15 in the colour prints

Elaine Holliday 15 in the mono prints.

Please check out the Pittwater competition on our comps page by scrolling to the bottom of the page where you can see the images entered, the judge’s comments and the scores. We would like to thank Susan Buchanan, our judge for the evening, who gave great feedback to the images entered from both clubs.