To support our September competition – People including Portrait, we’ve needed to organise the picture groups slightly differently. You’ll see 2 sections in each of our normal groups – Large Print, Mono, Small Print and Digital.
There is one for Portrait and one for People. This is done so the judge can see which of the subjects your picture aligns to. You can submit pictures as follow:

* One picture in each section  (i.e. Large Colour Prints – 1 in People and 1 in Portraits)
* Two pictures in one section (i.e. Large Colours Prints both in People or both in Portraits therefore not in both)

This means there is still a total of 2 pictures maximum in each section. The system won’t restrict this automatically so please ensure you only have a maximum of two in each section.  The total pictures you may submit in the competition is still 4. 

If you have already entered any images please check that they meet the correct criteria because you may wish to change them.  You can contact Elaine on  if you have any queries.

Which section you enter is your choice as the author.

Our judge this month is David Oliver. David has been a professional portrait and wedding photographer for many years. He is a Grand Master of Photography in the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and an ambassador for Nikon and Epson. We look forward to welcoming him on the night!