Dear Fellow Photographers:

The Ridgewood Camera Club of Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA, is now accepting entries for our 37th Ridgewood International Exhibition and would like to invite you and the members of your Camera Club to participate. The Photographic Society of America, Projected Image and Nature Division (PSA 2020-059), recognize the Ridgewood International Exhibition.  The Exhibition is open to all – you do not need to be a PSA member to enter. A panel of three judges will score the images entered and participants may earn “Acceptances”.  

Acceptances are often seen as photography boasting rights. They can also count toward Star Ratings and other PSA distinctions. The Ridgewood International brings together individuals who have a mutual interest and love of photography. We may all speak different languages, but we do have one language in common, that is the “Language of Photography”. This year, we are again inviting photographers worldwide to take part and enter their best images to the Exhibition.  We cannot contact all of your members personally; therefore, we are asking you, through your organization, to forward our invitation and make your members aware of the Exhibition.

There are four sections:

  • Projected Image Digital – Color
  • Projected Image Digital – Monochrome
  • Nature Digital
  • Nature Digital – Wildlife 

All of the information about the Ridgewood International is posted on the Ridgewood Camera Club website www.ridgewoodcameraclub.net. There you will see International Exhibition on the left side drop down box, where you can see all of the information including the Entry rules, the Entry Form and the fees.Thank you for your attention and we look forward to having your members participate.

Sincerely yours,

B. Alex Bahtiarian

2020 Ridgewood International Exhibition 
Berj Alex Bahtiarian
1 201 788-9721